General Information


1.Both summer practices are expected to be performed during summer. The break between fall and spring semesters can also be used to perform the summer practice if the break covers 20 workdays.

2. Minimum practice is 20 workdays (4 weeks) for IE 300 and IE 400.

3. Summer practice period should not overlap with fall/spring semesters. For the students that will take courses in the summer school, summer practice period should not overlap with the summer school either.

4.After the summer practice is completed, students must register for the related summer practice course (IE 300 or IE 400) in the immediate academic term. Summer practice reports are due within the first two weeks of the academic term.

5. Students who receive an "Unsatisfactory" grade from IE 300/IE 400 have to repeat their summer practice.

6. Students have to receive a "Satisfactory" grade from IE 300 and IE 400 to be eligible for graduation.



IE 300 Summer Practice

IE 300 practice is done and reported on individually. The practice content is explained in "IE 300 Summer Practice Manual". A copy of the manual can be obtained from the photo copy office in the department.

Most assembly and batch type manufacturers (like automotive, machine parts, garment, electronics, furniture) are suitable for IE 300 practice. Students are also allowed to practice in batch process industries, like steel or paper mills, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, glass, and ceramics. However, continuous process industries (cement, sugar refinery) and service organizations (like utilities, tourism, banking, transport, consulting, health) are NOT allowed for IE 300 practice.

For further information, check IE 300 Information Session!

IE 400 Summer Practice

IE 400 practice can be done in three ways:

i. IE 400 practice may be done individually (either in a manufacturing or a service sector). The practice content is explained in "IE 400 Summer Practice Manual".

ii.  IE 400 practice may be done in groups of two students. If done in groups of two students, students may report on company related facts (Introductory Features, Section 1 in the manual) mentioned in the manual in a single common text, however each has to provide his/her own examples in related questions. Students also have to deal with a separate IE problem or project (Appendix A or B).

iii. IE400 summer practice can also be performed by conducting a project. Students who choose to perform a project-summer practice, must submit a two-page proposal within the first week of the practice. Proposals are required to be approved and signed by the sponsoring company before submission.

Proposal should provide a brief description of the company, the details and an outline the project. Proposals will be evaluated by the summer practice committee. Committee may (a) approve your proposal directly, (b) request editing on the proposal in the line of suggestions for the changes in the project context, or (c) decline the proposal. If the committee declines the project proposal, students are supposed to find another summer practice opportunity of type (i), (ii) or (iii).

Minimum required duration for the project-summer practice is 30 workdays (6 weeks).

Students who perform a project-summer practice are expected to report on the project and organizational boundaries in detail, and provide the data they collected/used. Students can use the following guideline for their project-summer practice report:

1. Introduction (5 points)

  • Description of the Company

2. Literature Review (10 points)

3. Problem Definition (30 points)

  • Description of the system/problem environment, defining the system boundaries, CATWOE analysis, cause-and-effect diagrams, etc.
  • See Identification and Definition of a Problem part in Appendix A of IE400 Manual.

4. Data Gathering and Analysis (10 points)

5. Solution Approaches (20 points)

6. Results (15 points)

7. Conclusion (10 points)

iii. Please note that, students who do not get approval for their project proposal cannot submit a project report.

There is no sector restriction for IE400 summer practice, i.e., students can practice either in a production or a service sector as long as they can observe the IE practices indicated in the IE400 manual.

IE300 and IE400 summer practices cannot be performed in the same organization unless IE400 is a project-summer practice.,

For further information, check IE 400 Information Session!

How to search for a summer practice opportunity?

Students are expected to find their own summer practice opportunities.

During their summer practice search, students should follow the guideline below:

1. (By the beginning of Spring Semester, or earlier) While searching for the summer practice opportunities, students should check the questions in the related manual (IE300 or IE400) to make sure that the company they are considering to apply is suitable to perform the summer practice. This will increase the chance of getting the department approval. (For example, sugar refinery companies will not be approved by the department for IE300).

2. After deciding which companies to apply, students should fill in the Recommendation Letter (Zorunluluk Belgesi) which is available at and return it to the Student Affairs Secretary (Room IE128) to get signed. Students should hand in the forms by Monday, 12am to get their signed forms ready for pick up on the following Monday, after 13.30. 

3. (By the end of April, or earlier) After being accepted by a company:

     i. On the following Monday (after 13:30 in the afternoon), students pick up the signed Recommendation Letter. 

     ii. Students should fill in the insurance form (the Excel file available under Forms at and send it to so that the department makes the necessary arrangements for the insurance coverage. The submission should be made at least 4 weeks before the practice starts. Students can pick up the insurance document (Sigortalı İşe Başlama Belgesi) from Room IE128 one week before the summer practice starts.

     iii. At the beginning of the summer practice, students should give the two sealed copies of Evaluation Forms and Employer Survey Forms to their supervisor. After the practice is finished, the supervisor will send one copy to the department and keep the other copy.

Summer practice committee may receive requests from companies to assign students for their intern openings. However, it is not possible to foresee if there will be such opportunities, and the number of openings. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to start searching in a timely manner (not later than the beginning of Spring semester).

If the committee receives such requests from companies, the summer practice opportunities are announced at Some companies prefer students to apply individually for the positions, while others may request the department to assign students. In the latter case, students will fill in the preference form (the Excel file available under Forms at indicating the preference among the announced positions and send it to The summer practice committee makes the assignment and informs both the student and the company.

The number of openings for the summer interns are at companies’ discretion, IE department has no responsibility or control over the announced positions. If a student is assigned to a summer practice opportunity through the department-announcement, s/he is expected to perform the practice in that company.


1. Checklist – While searching for the summer practice opportunities  

❏      Did you read the summer practice manual (IE300 or IE400)?

❏      Are you well informed about which sectors are suitable for IE300 or IE400?

❏      Does the company satisfy the IE Department’s requirements for IE300 or IE400?

❏      Do you think that you can satisfactorily answer the questions in the corresponding summer practice manual?

❏      Is the size of the organization sufficiently large to be able to make the necessary observations indicated in the manual?

❏      Are there any industrial engineers in the organization?

❏      If you plan on registering for the summer school, have you checked to make sure that there is no overlap between the summer practice and the summer school?

2. Checklist – After the summer practice  

Students should make sure that they fill in the following checklist after completing the summer practice. Failing to complete a step in the checklist may result in failing the course!

❏      Did you register for IE300 or IE400 during the interactive registration period?

❏      Did you follow the guidelines in the related manual (IE300 or IE400) while writing the summer practice report?

❏      Did you fill in the questionnaire?

❏      Did your supervisor at the company fill in your Evaluation Form and send it to the IE department in a closed and sealed envelope?

Note that students should submit a hard copy of their summer practice report to the Student Affairs Secretary (Room IE128) providing a signature and date of the submission. Students should also upload the soft copy of the summer practice report to the ODTUCLASS course webpage.


Writing the Summer Practice Report

The detailed guidelines students should follow while writing the summer practice report are available in the Summer Practice Manual.

Below is the list of the most common mistakes students are advised to avoid:

  • Improper use of language in technical writing.
  • Misuse of appendices and references, failing to divide the text into sections properly.
  • Misuse of vocabulary and technical terms, ignoring the spell-check.
  • Failing to provide a clear organization in your writing.
  • Not providing the necessary details and examples while answering the questions.
  • Showing signs of lack of observation during the practice.
  • Not providing convincing reasoning or data to support the arguments.
  • Providing too general answers which are not specific to the company you worked at.
  • Making no effort to relate your observations with what is learned in IE courses.
  • • In the problem definition for IE400 summer practice report, being too general and not relating to the practice company.

For the summer practice reports, standard cover pages should be used. Samples are available in: IE 300 and IE 400 .

Registration for IE300 or IE400

Students must register for the corresponding course (IE300 or IE400) during the interactive registration term of the immediate semester after they complete the summer practice.