The calendar for IE300/400 in Fall 2019

Dear all,

The calendar for IE300/400 in Fall 2019 is posted below.

  •  If your Summer Practice finishes before (and including) September 30, you must follow the calendar. Any late submission will be penalized by 10 points per day.
  • Those who finish their Summer Practices earlier are strongly encouraged to submit their reports before those posted deadlines. In case of an early submission, your report may be evaluated earlier.
  • If your Summer Practice finishes later than September 30, please contact the Summer Practice committee ( to discuss a possible late submission for your case.
Submission of Summer Practice reports: October 7
The announcement of the first evaluation grades: November 4
Re-submission of Incomplete Summer Practice reports: November 25
The announcement of the second evaluation grades: December 23  
Summer Practice Committee